Creating A Research Paper About How To Deal With Stress In The Workplace

Writing a research paper might be a challenging experience, especially if you’re working on an assignment about how to deal with stress in the workplace. You should keep the requirements of your instructor in mind and remember to take the following simple steps in order to create a strong work:

  1. Remember to write an abstract.
  2. Every research paper should have a brief summary that is called an abstract. This section contains information what the work is about, so the readers can realize whether they should read the whole paper, a selected part, or not read it at all. Most instructors recommend to write an abstract after the main sections are ready.

  3. Write a catchy introduction.
  4. No matter where an individual works, he or she will have to deal with stress in the workplace. So, in the first section, you should provide the results of your primary research and provide some interesting facts about stress, anxiety, and procrastination that professionals experience at work. Here, you should also formulate a research question that you address.

  5. Compose a strong methodology section.
  6. There are many methods that will help you measure the level of stress resulted by different working situations and determine the most effective way to reduce stress and increase productivity. In this section, you should clearly describe what methods you’ll use, what limitations they have, and what data you require in order to conduct your research.

  7. Describe the results in detail.
  8. The results section is the most interesting part of the paper. It provides your findings about the stress that individuals experience at work and how they should deal with it. Your task is to mention all the important details, so the readers will understand what they can do in order to avoid anxiety and work effectively.

  9. Compose a discussion section.
  10. Many instructors ask their students to write a discussion section instead of writing a conclusion. This is the section where you can write about the advantages and disadvantages of different ways of reducing stress. Make sure to mention the alternative tools and methods and evaluate their effectiveness.

  11. Include a bibliography section.
  12. Your research paper should end with a bibliography section. Usually, students use from ten to twenty sources to complete their research papers. However, if you consulted more sources, make sure to include all of them into your list of works cited using the formatting style required by your supervisor. Contact Mypaperwriter to get qualified assistance.

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