5 Things You Need To Know About The Format Of A Good Research Paper

When it comes to formatting your paper, it is always important to first make sure that your instructor did not ask you to write your paper in a specific format. Some teachers will ask that you write your paper in a particular format and if that is the case, you will have to make sure to follow that format. Here is a format that you can use for your paper if your teacher has not asked you to write it in a different formatting style.

  1. Use a five paragraph format
  2. Most research papers can be written in a five paragraph format with an introduction, three body paragraphs that each give a reason to support the thesis statement, and a conclusion. It will work for most of the papers that you have to write. You may need to add an additional body paragraph or two if you have more than three supporting reasons. Each one of the paragraphs should only give one reason to support the main point.

  3. Double space your text
  4. To make it easier to read, you will want to double space the text of your paper. It makes it easier to read and will present very nicely. The only time you will use single spacing is if you quote an entire paragraph which is indented all around.

  5. Indent the first line of your paragraphs
  6. You will want to indent the first line of each paragraph. It will usually be half an inch. You can set your tab key to half an inch to make it easier than hitting the space bar several times.

  7. Create a title page
  8. Most research papers will include a title page that lists all of the pertinent information like the title, your name, the instructors name, school, and date. It should be on a page of its’ own.

  9. Keep the reference page separate
  10. There should also be a page that lists the references that you used as well. Make this a separate page from the rest of the text. All citation should be listed in the same format for each source type. For example, if you have only books to cite, they citation will be similar in format.

You can obtain a formatting guide and set your paper up accordingly. It is a good way to make choosing a format easy and if you obtain an example, you can see exactly how your paper should look.

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