Top 25 Sample Topics For A Research Paper On Economics

Choosing a research paper topic in economics requires some time as you should define an issue, find an effective approach to address it, and have the motivation to come up with its solution. If you have guidelines for writing such an assignment on the course webpage, you should study them carefully.

What Broad Research Paper Topics to Consider

Economics studies plenty of different questions related to producing and distributing goods and services. There are some major topic areas that you may find interesting to check, including economic theory, privatization, history of economics, money and banking system, public finance, international trade, regional economics, and international trade organizations.

What Narrow Topic Ideas You Can Choose From

After you have chosen a broad area of research, you need to focus your research paper, viz. select a narrower topic. The 25 sample topic ideas below will help you make the right choice:

  1. The key economists of the 20th century: their main findings.
  2. Economic relations in Europe in the 18-19th centuries: the key features.
  3. The history of the supply-demand equilibrium.
  4. The factors that influenced consumer behavior in the 19th century.
  5. Maximizing profit: effective approaches.
  6. The labor market in Chine: the main characteristics.
  7. Environmental externalities: who should pay for using the common goods?
  8. Policies for carbon dioxide emissions reduction: standards vs. taxes.
  9. The main principles of cost-benefit analysis.
  10. Measuring economic performance of countries in transition.
  11. The basic rules on the international trade playground: the role of the World Trade Organization.
  12. The benefits and threats of globalization for African countries.
  13. Economics of education: how much does it cost to teach a student in different countries?
  14. Sports economics: why do professional athletes earn so much money?
  15. Wildlife protection: the funding issues.
  16. Corporate social responsibility: good practices vs. greenwashing.
  17. Microfinancing: making a difference in the Southeast Asia.
  18. OPEC policies on oil and gas prices: the impacts on the world economy.
  19. The role of the World Bank in the international trade.
  20. Renewable energy: the impacts on the economies in Europe.
  21. Overcoming the economic crises of 2008: a case study of Germany.
  22. The cost of using ecosystem services: different assessment methods.
  23. The impacts of global warming on regional economies.
  24. The economic growth opportunities resulting from the ecological crisis in industrial regions.
  25. The ongoing economic recovery in Europe: how to prevent another economic crisis in the Eurozone.

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