Interesting Research Paper Topics About Country Music

Country music originated in the Southern Appalachian with fiddle recordings made in 1910. However the kind of recorded music we listen today came to be in the early 20’s. First commercial recordings were done by Eck Robertson on Victor records in 1922. The first national country star in 1924 was Vernon Dalhart with the song “Wreck of the old ’97 “. However historians point to 1927 when Victor Records signed Jimmie Rodgers and the carter family, who are considered the true country music originators. The fact that country music has been a popular genre for many decades makes it one of the favorite research paper topics that students are required to complete. If you are wondering the best choice of topic for your research paper on country music, here are some ideas that are worth considering.

  1. Country music. This is among the genres that are always changing. There are songs that have a beautiful story and a happy ending while others can leave you heartbroken. However, despite the differences both types of songs can deliver some great messages.
  2. How country music has evolved over decades. Unlike other American genres, country music has some deep roots. It was among the most influential styles of the 20th century.
  3. The role of black artists in the growth of country music. Charlie Pride was a hit in 1971 while in 2009, we had Darius Rucker. However, these are the only two black musicians to have won Country Music Association Award. Why are there few blacks in country music?
  4. How country music has affected the society today. Some people love country music while others find it boring and provocative. Does country music have a negative effect on the society?
  5. How the country music culture has changed. The original theme of country music was about cheating, drinking and driving trucks. However, this has changed in the recent past to conservative themes that concentrate on core values.
  6. Country music vs hip-hop
  7. Female artists in country music
  8. Luke Bryan and Johnny Cash
  9. Why country music is a lifestyle
  10. Johnny Cash
  11. Brooks & Dunn
  12. Keith Urban
  13. Country music and its effect on Southern voters
  14. How class consciousness has changed country music

With this country music topic, you will be on your way to write a great research paper topic.

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