How Do You Write A Good Introduction For A Research Paper?

One of the most important parts of any research paper is the introduction. This section of the essay is intended to get the reader interested in the topic and draw them into the narrative. With so much of a focus placed on this portion of the document, students need to spend extra time making sure that their introduction is completely perfect.

Begin at the Beginning

The beginning of the student's work is not the introduction; it is the thesis statement. This statement consists of one or two sentences that describe the entire point of the research paper. Students need to make a strong argument that can be supported by facts. If the thesis statement is not debatable, then it is not actually a thesis statement. Students need to find a view on a particular subject that they can support with evidence and that can be debated. Once the thesis statement is completed, it should be placed at the end or the middle of the introduction.

Get Creative

Although this is a school assignment, it does not have to bore the reader with academic prose and tedious facts. Instead, students should think of an interesting anecdote, fact, statistic or quote to get the reader engaged. From the moment the reader begins going through the essay, they should be interested in what the student has to say. In essence, the first few sentences are a type of “hook” that catches the reader. Afterward, it will be up to the writer to keep the reader's interest for the remainder of the document.

Go Back and Change It

As the student writes their research paper, they may realize that they have to make changes or adjustments to the introduction. The narrative of the story and key details may change, and the introduction needs to reflect this. Before turning the assignment in, the student should read through the introduction and make sure that it still matches up with the rest of the writing. If it does not, the student needs to change it.

Spend Extra Time Editing

The introduction is the first thing that the reader sees, so it needs to be excellent. If there are grammar mistakes or spelling errors, the teacher will read through the rest of the assignment very closely as they mark the student's grade down. To prevent this from happening, students need to make sure that their introduction has been thoroughly edited before they turn it in.

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