What Is A Research Paper Presentation: A Basic Guide

A research paper presentation is something designed to function as an oral presentation showcases the research findings of your original paper. Within an academic community conducting a research presentation should not only communicate how important your research was but it should also clearly state the findings of your work and the analysis of those findings. The presentation should prompt the people in the audience to ask questions and to give you feedback which might help to strengthen the research that you have conducted.

There are technical aspects of a presentation:

  • You want to provide a simple background that has visual interest. You want to make sure that the background you use for the presentation method is consistent throughout the entire presentation you don't want to use backgrounds which are visually distracting or which make it really difficult for your audience to read all of the words.

  • In terms of color you should use something that contrasts well with the background. Make sure that color is used sparingly and less color is much better. Only use one type of color for emphasis or to tie different points together.

  • In terms of fonts make sure that you use something which is standard and that the title of each slide is about 44 points in size and the body text is about 22 points in size. You never want to use a font which is so small that the audience members have to strain their eyes in order to see it. You should not capitalize anything unless you're trying to make a point and you should avoid complicated funds. In fact, it is best that you stick to one font style throughout the entire presentation.

  • In terms of the slide layout you should avoid slides that are full of text and instead just make one slide for each of your main points so that the presentation remains focused and your audience can better concentrate on that point. If you fail to do this and you include a great deal of text and multiple points in one slide your audience members will inevitably read ahead.

There are different components to the oral research presentation that you should also follow:

  • No matter the field of study for your particular project you should include the introduction section, the background or literature review section, your questions, your methods, your findings, your discussion, your conclusion, your future research, your references, your knowledge meant, and finally a section for any questions from the audience.

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