List Of 12 Good US History Research Paper Topics You Can Handle With Ease

Choosing a research paper topic in US History can make all the difference in how easy the writing assignment will be to complete. While you don’t want to choose something that doesn’t challenge you at all, you don’t want to be overwhelmed with a topic you know nothing about, thus making the assignment unnecessarily difficult. Here is a list of twelve good US History research topics for your consideration:

  1. Describe the ways in which the arrival of the early European settlers affected the daily lives of Native Americans who were gradually forced to move further west away from their ancestral homes.
  2. What were the major reasons that the American colonialists sought to break away from English control? Do you think that if England would have conceded greater independence, the colonies would have remained a part of the England?
  3. What role did the Native Americans play in placing Great Britain, not France, as the dominant foreign power in North America?
  4. In what ways did America’s immigration policies of the mid to late-19th century affect the labor force and the growth of the nation’s manufacturing during the Industrial Era?
  5. Did the invention of the assembly line in the U.S. positively or negatively change the course of the nation?
  6. How did the period known as the European Enlightenment affect the found fathers in the American colonies? What aspects of the Enlightenment did they borrow or adapt?
  7. In what ways was the immigration law of 1917 different from the immigrations laws of 1882 and 1907? What brought about these changes from the original laws?
  8. Provide a critical analysis and evaluation of the way the US has been able to handle it’s natural resources since the start of the 20th century.
  9. In what ways did the early American government succeed or fail under the Articles of Confederation?
  10. Many historians believe that the progressive era in the U.S. slowed during the WWI as the war effort at home and away increased. Do you agree or disagree with this opinion?
  11. Describe the ways in which the development of the Transcontinental Railroad affected transportation, communication, and national unity.
  12. Provide a critical analysis of the federal policy toward the Native American population and describe the ways it has been different from the actions taken by the federal government.

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