List Of Good Topic Questions For A Philosophy Research Paper

Sometimes the hardest part in writing a great philosophy research paper is coming up with a good topic you believe will compel the audience to want to read your work in its entirety. Keeping the audience interested is certainly challenging, but with right questions you’re sure to come up with something that captivates. Here is a list of good topic questions for a philosophy research paper for your consideration:

  1. How do modern definitions of philosophy differ from those held in the early 19th century? Why did definitions change (or remain the same) and how has our understanding of these definitions affected the way we exist in society?
  2. Can philosophy co-exist with politics when you consider that there are overlaps in interpretation in both disciplines that are claimed through objective opinions?
  3. What evidence do you have that can support the notion that human behaviors are a result of environment versus genetics? What about the contrary?
  4. Do you believe it would be ethical to partake in a brain procedure that would allow the recipient to have perfect memory? Consider how memories are formed and objective.
  5. Do you believe humans are morally obliged to make contributions to famine relief in order to fight world hunger?
  6. Do you believe that different forms of artistic expression – painting, photography, dance, literature, etc. – make statements about the human condition? If so, what statements do they make?
  7. What philosophical arguments can be made for the legalization of recreational drugs? Should a new system of classification be created to keep some drugs accessible while others remain prohibited?
  8. Do you believe that one’s morals are related to culture or are there other societal factors that play a bigger role in the formation of morals?
  9. Considering philosophy and politics, which kind of government do you believe to be the best form? Give supporting reasons from historical events and the philosophy behind the causes.
  10. Can you describe the cosmological argument for the existence of a God or Gods above and beyond life on Earth?
  11. What does the design argument say about God’s existence? What have philosophical thinkers found contrary to the design argument that disproves God’s existence?
  12. Do you think it is ethical for humans to create and maintain zoos? Do you think it’s an issue of preservation of endangered species or one of exploitation of all animals for entertainment?

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