How To Create A Research Paper Title Page In The APA Format

A title page, if required by your professor, is one of the important aspects of your paper. Your reader can essentially judge your paper based on how you present it. If not done right, your reader may assume that the rest of the paper is sloppy and possibly not done correctly. Below is a guideline on how to go about writing a research paper title page in APA format.

  • Page headers
    • This is essentially your running head and page numbers (it should be on the right corner of the page).

  • Full Title
    • Along with the author’s name and affiliation, it should be placed halfway down the page, centered, and double-spaced.
    • It should be written in Times New Roman. 12 pt. font (as should the rest of your paper).

  • Author’s name
    • If the paper is written by more than one author, it should be expressed in the page as well

  • School/institute affiliation
    • This is the school where the research was conducted as well as the school you are in. If there is no affiliation, you may choose to include an address here

  • Running head
    • The running head is a shortened version of the full title. It should be written in capital letter. Example: Running head: TITLE PAGE GUIDELINES
    • This part of the page should be 50 characters or less and located on the top left side of the page

  • Date of submission
    • It is a good idea to include this. It can act as a reminder to both you and the reader

  • Optional Inclusions
    • Name of supervisor
    • You might include this if the work was conducted in someone else’s lab. This is optional because this is not always the case.

    • Level of paper
    • Level of paper being: term paper, dissertation, or thesis

  • Author’s notes
    • This is also optional for the writer to include. It should contain:

      • Author name, department and institution affiliation – this will be in the first line

      • Changes in institutional affiliation (if necessary) – this will be in the second line

      • Acknowledgements, financial support (federal or institutional grants) – this will be in the third line

      • Contact information (author’s mailing address and email address) – this will be in the fourth line

Constructing a title page that looks great tells the reader that the writer understands what they are doing, and perhaps the rest of the research paper will reflect that. Following these guidelines ensure that your first page makes a great impression. If you have little time left, you can always purchase papers online.

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