12 Secrets Of Research Paper Writing: A Guide For Students

Writing a research paper is an intensive academic exercise. The paper also has a significant impact on your final grade. As such, the writing process should be handled with the seriousness it deserves. Here are tips to make your writing process easy, enjoyable and rewarding.

  1. Start early- embark on the writing process immediately the assignment is issued. This gives you ample time to compile your work. It eliminates the likelihood of mistakes and provides a cushion in case of an emergency.
  2. Understand instructions- each paper comes with unique instructions. Read through the prompt several times to understand the instructions. Commencing your work on the wrong instructions will derail the entire exercise.
  3. Develop an outline- an outline gives you an idea of how your points will flow in the paper. It also highlights the different segments and their content including the introduction, body and conclusion. It will simplify your writing process.
  4. Choose the right topic- a good topic makes your writing easier. Choose one in an area that you are passionate about. Make the topic relevant, original and unique. It should be captivating to read.
  5. Consult regularly- remain in regular contact with your tutor in case you need any assistance. Do not commence on any process if the instructions are unclear. The tutor is ready to assist at any time.
  6. Consistent formatting- a single formatting style should be adopted depending on the instructions issued. This enables your reader to concentrate on the content of your paper. The style will be issued by your tutor as part of the instructions.
  7. Read widely- reading widely opens up your mind and makes the topic easier to understand. Peruse through several samples to understand what is expected of you.
  8. Skip the introduction- do not waste time beginning with the introduction. Return to the introduction after completing the body. You have a better understanding of what is captured in the body of your research paper.
  9. Use samples and templates- these are incredible resources to guide you through the writing process. They give you an idea of what is expected of your final paper. Get high quality samples from the library, your teacher or online.
  10. Allocate enough time- ensure that you have time to read widely, compile your work and edit it. Each section should be handled at a time. Avoid squeezing too much work within a short time.
  11. Find reliable sources- all references made should be from reliable sources. Unverified information should not appear in your paper. It compromises the quality of your work.
  12. Edit and proofread- your research paper should be edited and proofread before handing over.

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