A List Of The Most Popular College Research Paper Topics About Obesity

At college level, students are required to work towards fine tuning their writing skills. This is because at higher learning institutions, much of what is taught is executed through writing. It could be doing a research paper, a dissertation, a thesis or simply a comprehensive essay. Fundamentally, it is impractical to earn good grades in college if you are not well endowed with the art of writing. You will on this premise be required to read far and wide on your area of study. Well, over the years, the world has battled with some health related diseases, most of which are caused by lifestyles. A case in point is obesity.

Simply defined, obesity is said to be excessive fatness. Numerous studies have pointed accusing fingers at poor dieting as the primary cause of obesity. In the same breath, the fight against obesity is best realized in a change of lifestyle in which case, one has to change his or diet, partake on daily physical exercises and cut back on starch and fats. A lot has been written on regarding obesity; however, this does not mean there is no more new thing to write home about. In fact, a look at past papers could just give you a glimpse into knowledge gaps that exist in studies which have been conducted in the past from which you can formulate a totally unique, researchable and relevant topic. Well, in this post, we take you through a list of most popular college research topics about obesity which you should give a try in your next project, so read on for more details.

  • An investigate study into how tax increment on fast foods and soft drinks can curb obesity among children aged below 15 years
  • Obesity and stress in the family. How does obesity cause stress in a family
  • Obesity and early deaths among underage. Effects of obesity on respiratory health of victims
  • A definition research study into the true nature of obesity
  • Effects of obesity on a child’s social life.
  • What roles can parents play in helping reduce cases of excessive fatness
  • Obese drugs. A look into obesity from health and treatment perspective
  • How much is enough when it comes to sugars in healthy digesting?
  • Is it possible to ban soft drinks as a means to curbing obesity?

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