Practical Advice For Writing A Research Paper About Bullying

  • The first thought about doing any research about bullying is that it is a very emotive subject that needs to be handled very sensitively.

  • Bullying can be seen as teasing that goes across ‘the line’, in fact here is a very thin line between where teasing ends and intimidation begins.

  • There is no doubt about it that bullying is rife in schools. Some schools will deny that any victimization takes place in their educational establishment; they are sadly misinformed or blind.

  • We only have to look at the news to see the sad effect of bullying that results in young people self harming or taking their lives because of the unbearable indignity they have suffered because they have been bullied.

  • We should remember through that not all bullying just happens at school, there are bullies at work and bullies within relationships.

  • We should also consider that opportunities to belittle and harm others have taken on a new face in the advent of social media sites and distribution of humiliating pictures by mobile phones.

When considering writing a paper about this topic you could focus on:

  • Prevention and saving victims from these situations. The activity of intimating another student by a group of other students who feel that they superiority or seniority. In some schools thus is positively encouraged!

  • Day to day examples. These can include teasing, taunting, hitting, spitting and embarrassing others in public places. There have been cases of girls tying up a victim, stripping her, taking photos and distributing them.

  • Harm on so many different levels. The harm that the perpetrators do can affect the victim, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially and academically. The attack (because that is what it is), may be sure to personal reasons, jealously or due to family background (they could be considered dysfunctional). Or it could be just because the victim is different.

It is also important to take into account the way that these cases are dealt with. Schools can be supportive and Police can get involved. Some times the perpetrators are surprised when they are held accountable for their actions even when there is concrete evidence. But why should society wait for something bad to happen before the situations are dealt with?

When considering any research paper on this subject you also have to offer some sort of solution based on your findings. Education of not just children but also parents and society may be the answer.

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