Top 14 Research Paper Writing Ideas On Public Health

In recent times, the issue of health has become a widely debated topic thanks to the dreadful Ebola diseases and the pandemic HIV/AIDs. In third world countries, diseases like Malaria and Cholera have continued to plague the populace and in the event ripping apart families by taking away the lives of loved ones. In other places, poverty and sanitation have become a single entity. This is especially a case in areas called slums or in camps set aside for refugees. All these have a strong bearing with public health. To say the least, little in being done to curb the situation as it now, let alone the efforts of World Health Organization which has seen provision of humanitarian help in places or countries hard hit by public health crisis. There have also been instances of strikes by medical professionals and practitioners and in the event crippling public health sector in many third world countries. What does these mean? Agreeably, we cannot ignore the fact that public health sector is in a deep crisis. This also means, if you were to talk about all these problems, there would definitely be plenty to say or write about.

Well, if as a student you are mandated to come up with fourteen researchable topics on public healthy sector with no limitations to country, there would be much to pen down. In this article, we therefore take you through creative topic ideas worth writing about in your next term paper suppose you are a public health student. So, take a look.

  • Pre-diabetes testing in children has been a hot issue for sometime. It is worth writing about

  • The resurgence of measles in post modern world

  • The problem of drug abuse among teenagers

  • The question of counterfeit antibiotics

  • Bioterrorism in post modern world

  • Public health and disaster preparedness

  • Cholera and Malaria: Which is most dreaded?

  • The effects of gulf oil spillage a decade on: Situation analysis

  • Maternal health in present moment: Is technology making a difference

  • Water safety: A comparative analysis of storage measures

  • Foster care: A case study of Health for the street child and the aged in USA

  • The HIV and AIDS situation three decades later

  • Over The counter Drugs and children: A case study of wrong prescription

  • Air pollution: A case study of global warming effects

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