Chicago Style Research Paper Guidelines: 5 Golden Rules To Remember

If you need to adhere to Chicago style research paper guidelines there are 5 golden rules to remember:

  1. The first step to any successful final product is to select a topic.

  2. In some cases students have a topic assigned to them but in other cases they are given free reign over their assignment and have the option of selecting whatever subject matter they choose. In the case when it is difficult to decide on a topic, you can ask for help from written agencies like this Paper Written. If students are given their topic then it is important to take time to think about what angle or aspect you want to focus on. Some students struggle trying to determine whether they want to create a specific analysis or whether they want to provide a general overview. If necessary the focus of the final subject can be narrowed in order to fit the number of pages you have available.

  3. Conduct research.

  4. After the purposes been defined it is important to you do research on which items are most intriguing to you. Student should take time to think about their life and what things interested them in their life. All of these subjects should be written down as potential ideas.

  5. Decide on the style of your work.

  6. After this it is important to evaluate the options at your disposal. Your main goal is to educate your readers and you want to select something which you are already familiar with or what you have already studied. But if your goal is instead to persuade the readers then you might want to select a subject that you are already passionate about. Whatever the mission is of your writing assignments want to make sure that the topic you selected something in which you are interested.

  7. Prepare your outline.

  8. The next step is to prepare and outline or to prepare a diagram of the different ideas you have. In order for your piece of writing to be successful you have to make sure that all of your thoughts organized. You want to take the things that are already in your head and begin to put them down on paper so that you can see the different connections and the different links that exist between the different ideas. The structure that you write down will serve as the foundation for your final piece. You can either use an outline or you can use a diagram in order to best organize your different thoughts. If your teacher requires that and create one versus the other then you should clearly go with that.

  9. Write the content in accordance with Chicago style reference requirements.

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