The 15 Most Interesting Research Paper Topics On Drug Abuse

Drug abuse or substance abuse is a major curse on the society. There have been millions of people who may be extremely talented in one field or the other but lose their prescience, agility and sharpness thanks to the adverse effect of addictive drugs.

Major countries

Colombia in Africa and Bolivia in South America can be mainly credited for the stench of drug abuse. They are prominent producers of cocaine; an extremely expensive drug which channels into numerous other products.

Physical and mental effects

Drug abuse has psychosomatic effects on the person directly as well as the family member. The person becomes lethargic, dull and prone to numerous diseases. He grows shy and reserved and loathes crowds and gatherings. The impact on his mental stream is also considerable. Drug abuse often excites an intervention of myriad research papers.

Lure of lucre

The research paper should of course deal with the varied effects on the human body that is addicted to drugs. It may also traverse the exploitation of immigrants into the business as they are quite vulnerable to petty lures.

Spread and growth

Your research paper may also delve into the rate of spread of substance abuse and the factors that actually fuel its growth. It is actually a fact that most people are naturally attracted towards contraband.

Moral responsibility

It is your moral responsibility to eke out pertinent solutions towards curbing drug abuse in your research paper. For many victims, rehabilitation centers and alternate remedies are temporary and often inadequate. You may also venture to create proactive awareness about the ills of drug abuse.

Here are 15 eye-opening research paper topics on drug abuse for your convenience –

  1. A research on the involvement of immigrants into illegal drug trafficking
  2. A study on how cocaine is processed and smuggled to Europe and USA
  3. The effects of relapse on the bearings of a drug abuse victim and emergent solutions
  4. The impact of drug abuse on the household of victims
  5. Assess whether strict laws against drug trafficking can actually curb drug abuse. If so, how
  6. Comparing the intensity of drug abuse as a crime with other serious crimes
  7. How drug abuse easily defeats the economy factor
  8. Analyzing climatic influence on drug abuse
  9. Disparate Methodology to assess extent of drug abuse on various strata of people
  10. How drug abuse creates a pyramidal structure of addicts and how to topple its base
  11. The poignancy of drug abuse laws and police actions to check the flow
  12. Assessing spatial effects of heredity and environment on addiction such as substance abuse
  13. How drug abuse takes advantage of the inconsistent regulations in different countries
  14. A report on serious efforts to rehabilitate drug abuse victims back into active life and the success quotient of the efforts
  15. How drug abuse syndrome influences traits of racism

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