Quick Tips On How To Write A Good Conclusion Section For A Research Paper

A good conclusion paragraph for a research paper is extremely important to how the reader views the whole paper. The conclusion paragraph is the last paragraph in a research paper. It is the last thing a reader views and will most likely be what the reader remembers. Because of this, it is imperative you write a good conclusion paragraph so you audience will remember exactly what you intended. Here are a few quick tips to ensure a good conclusion paragraph.

  1. Restate your thesis. You want the readers to remember what your paper was about so if you reiterate your argument, more than likely they will remember.

  2. Summarize your case. Summarize all of your main points of your article to make your argument clear and concise. You want to make sure the reader understands your main points and agrees with your argument.

  3. Create an emotion. Create some kind of emotion in your reader. Make him want to know more about the subject. If you create emotion, the audience will have a better chance of remembering your article.

  4. Challenge the reader. Hopefully you chose the topic you did because you were interested in it. Maybe you even had some kind of passion for the topic. What your goal should be it to transfer some of that excitement you have for the topic to your reader. You want to challenge them to learn more about your topic. You hope they will continue to talk about what you wrote. Your conclusion paragraph should stimulate your audience to discuss this issue more and instill in the reader the same passion you have for the thesis.

  5. Call to action. Somewhere in your work you may want to suggest to the reader what he may be able to do to have an effect on the topic. Depending on the thesis, you will try to get the reader to do something that has to do with the topic.

Hopefully these quick tips help you realize that your research paper hasn’t only been written for a grade. Maybe your passion for the topic has inspired you to learn all you can and spread that knowledge onto others. The goal as a writer is to have your conclusion paragraph not only be the end of your research paper, but the beginning of seeking further knowledge on your topic. Maybe these quick tips will help you accomplish that.

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