18 Interesting Psychology Research Paper Topics On Dreams

People have been interested in the topic of dreams since the early years of human civilization. Modern psychology allows us to learn more about dreams but there are still a lot of questions that we don’t have answers to. If you have to write a research paper about dreams, there are plenty of interesting topics to choose from.

The List of Research Paper Topics about Dreams

  1. A detailed definition of a dream.
  2. The reasons for us to dream.
  3. People who don’t have dreams.
  4. The duration of a dream.
  5. The meaning of dreams.
  6. The formula of most dreams.
  7. The features of lucid dreams.
  8. The nature of nightmares.
  9. Ways to deal with anxiety dreams.
  10. The meaning of repetitive dreams.
  11. Patients with REM behavior disorder.
  12. Dreams with empty emotional content.
  13. Dreams that portend psychosis.
  14. Measures to take for remembering more of your dreams.
  15. Dreams of animals.
  16. Remembering dreams under hypnosis.
  17. Sigmund Freud’s theory about dreams.
  18. Psychotherapy and dreams.

Tips for Writing Your Psychology Project

To get an excellent grade for your work, you should organize it in a correct order. First, pick an interesting topic like the ones above. Then, look for books and other sources to gain deep knowledge about the background of the question that you’re going to discuss. The next step is to make your own analysis and carry out your own experiments. Only when you have some research results, you may start writing.

Make a good outline in order to follow it during the writing process. This will help you remember to include every important detail in your text. You may start writing with body chapters rather than with an introduction, however. Usually, if you start with an introduction, you might have to make changes in it later. The contents of the body chapters might differ a little bit from your initial ideas.

Don’t forget to edit your paper so that it doesn’t contain typos and grammar mistakes. You should also format it in accordance with the requirements of your psychology teacher if you want to submit it without problems at the first attempt.

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