List Of Fresh Term Paper Writing Ideas For Philosophy Students

The best way to decide what topic you want for your term paper on philosophy would be to brainstorm about subjects you may have discussed in your classes. In your classes, you talked about many things. Find one that interested you the most. You can write a better paper if you are interested in the topic. You can also ask other philosophy students to suggest some topics. You still have to find one that peaks your curiosity so that you will put enough effort into the article to do a thorough job. Here is a list of topics that you may find interesting:

  1. In an act of terrorism: Is it an act of terror or revenge?

  2. What does it mean to realize your potential?

  3. Can a person really be happy?

  4. Are the benefits worth the risk of taking performance enhancing drugs?

  5. In religion, does it mean you to not really believe in God if you don’t go to church?

  6. Should certain illegal drugs be legalized and why?

  7. Why does the action of one person look bad, but if it’s done by another person it does not?

  8. Do you consider yourself prejudiced?

  9. Should abortion be legal for teenagers?

Make sure you pick a topic that has adequate research. The more information available, the better your arguments will be. If you begin a term paper and you can’t find much information, go back to your professor and ask if you can change your topic. It is very discouraging to try to complete a paper with little or no information.

When you are thinking about your topic, think about who may be reading it. Will it be something they will be interested in? Try to find something that is currently in debate so you can strike an interest from your audience. You goal in writing your term paper is to spark something in your reader. Hopefully, your article will hit a nerve and make your reader think further about your topic. The biggest compliment when someone reads your thesis is that he continues to ask questions after the essay is done. Your article should be the beginning of the conversation on your topic. Many great discoveries and revelations have come from curiosity being aroused as a result of reading an excellent term paper.

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