A List Of Good Research Paper Topics In Computer Science

Your topic for your paper in computer science needs to be something that’s either hot and current or conventional but still relevant to today’s technology age. It may be difficult to choose at first, especially if you have interests in many areas of this field. Where to start? What to choose? The key here is to look at lots of ideas and then do some serious brainstorming.

There are some really great places to look, including online. Especially if you can access some emerging hot topics right as they come out. With the constant changes and updates in this field, it won’t be difficult to find something unique that suits your needs. You can also make your topic more specific by choosing a certain country. For example, if you have chosen “Developments in Artificial Intelligence in the past year” you can make it more specific as well as more unique by changing it to “Developments in Artificial Intelligence In Japan in the past year.”

Here are some ideas you can use to brainstorm the perfect topic for your paper:

  1. Role of fiction and philosophy in the development of artificial intelligence

  2. Being the highly specialized and technical field that it is, how has computer science become “fragmented” to its detriment?

  3. How do knowledge, reasoning, learning, planning and communication work with perception to manipulate objects in the field of AI?

  4. Database management systems in large Chinese factories

  5. How do large databases rely on internet indexing services?

  6. Why does software design rely more on data structures and programming languages rather than algorithms?

  7. How have networks and distributed computer systems adapted in the past two years to meet ever-growing demands for larger networks?

  8. Discuss latent Dirichlet allocation

  9. Parallelization techniques for breaking down large computations into recombinable chunks that are easily executable

  10. The history and anatomy of a hypertextual search engine

  11. How close is augmented reality to becoming an everyday thing?

  12. An introduction to reinforcement learning

  13. What is Tim Berners-Lee’s vision for the world wide web of the future?

  14. Discuss how convex optimization is used in signal processing

  15. Role of numerical linear algebra in computer science research

Another great place to find topic ideas is in your textbooks or notes. While the published material is already dated by the time the book becomes in use, there’s always the possibility of putting a new twist on something old and making it into something new and unique.

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