The Research Paper Chapter Format: Basic Instructions

While writing a research paper on any subject, you should cultivate the paper in a formative manner. Just like a body has different organs in different places; and all perform their individual functions for the well-being of the body; so should the distinct chapters unify towards a smart paper extraction.

Six major chapters

In the main, the research paper has 6 main chapters; Abstract; Introduction, Methodology, Analysis, Conclusion and Reference Page. This is not to belittle the Acknowledgement page, which should be prepared with gratitude if you will.

  • Abstract – Now, this offers the general essence of the paper without actually spilling anything involved in the eventual paper. It is short (up to 400 words) and crisp and basically ruminates on the importance of the topic.
  • Introduction – This gives an idea of the resources utilized; vitality of junctures and attraction quotient of the topic. It spatially spreads the data into discourse and ventures to generate excitement. It is generally written at the end; after the completion of other chapters.
  • Methodology – While the actual work is done out of research paper; i.e., on the field, the calibrations have to be carefully presented in an organized manner. You should take care to make the Methodology redoubtable so as to weed out doubts.
  • Analysis – It bears straight from the methodology and should be cursive. The aim of te analysis should be to carve out fruitful solutions. It is endless to say that you have to be precise with computations.
  • Conclusion – The conclusion should ideally be solution-oriented and should necessarily grant a new dimension to the topic. The readers should feel that it has been a time well spent after going through the conclusion. You should proofread the research paper well to ascertain the effect it has on you as an objective analyzer.
  • Reference Page – It goes without saying that the reference page should be replete with credible resources. The consistency of format style is a must for that will lend originality and authenticity to your research paper. Assess the potency of references and weigh whether they have decisive impact on you as an outsider.

You should ensure brilliant utilization of junctures and accentuation of major points. You should also see to it that the essence of the research paper is carried sequentially and is well backed by logics and figures at regular intervals. When perspectives are reined in by facts; they gain rare virtue. Choice of the topic also has a prominent say in the preparation of the paper.

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