Choosing The Best Topic For A Research Paper: A Tried And True Method

Selecting a good topic for a research paper is not an easy and quick job. Obviously a professor usually gives examples, but they are just samples, you can’t select one of them. You need to choose your own theme that will be interesting to you. Read the following tips on how to choose the best topic for your academic work. These tips proved to be were useful by a great number of students.

  1. Look for the ideas that is interesting to you.
  2. It will be much easier to work on the theme when you’re interested in it. Try to remember if there was anything that you have learned at the lecture and wanted to get more information on it. Look through your notes.

  3. Try to research actual issues.
  4. It’s always better to discover something that a lot of people or scientists consider worth discovering. Read scientific articles to understand what is popular in the branch of knowledge that you are studying.

  5. Find life friendly subject.
  6. Almost all disciplines are connected with everyday life. Either chemistry or psychology or any other discipline (maybe by the exception of dead languages) investigate the world to make our lives better and more comfortable. Connect your topic with everyday life, if possible.

  7. Search on the Internet.
  8. There are tons of information on the Internet: forums, blogs, online encyclopedias. These are places you can easily look through and get the ideas what to write my paper about.

  9. Watch documentary films and educational channels.
  10. You can find brilliant ideas there. Usually only the best and the most interesting information is selected for them.

  11. Narrow or broaden your idea.
  12. Find the golden mean, as there is nothing good in writing either about something very general (probably a lot of people have already written about it) or something very specific (you will be at dead end looking for the information).

  13. Go to the library.
  14. As usual the best examples of the research papers written in previous years are stored in the library. Share this best experience to get some bright ideas.

  15. Build up a concept map.
  16. Write down the name of your discipline and then all the ideas you gathered. Try to combine and mix them looking for the best result.

  17. Study the requirements.
  18. Make sure that the topic you are going to discover meets all the academic demands. It should be interesting, but it’s still the science.

  19. Consult your tutor.
  20. After you have followed all the previous steps and have the ideas for writing, go to your tutor. He or she will advise, if the topic you selected is a worthy one.

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