A List Of The Most Impressive Term Paper Topics In Biology

Biology is an interesting subject as it talks about the functions, organs, and relationships of these organs in a living organism. It is the study of living things, which includes reading about plants, animals, humans and every organism from single cellular to multi-complex creatures. The study is interesting for students who have a passion for the subject and can carry out search and experimentation on the given subject. If a student does not find the subject interesting, it will be very challenging for him to complete an effective assignment

The topic selection is a critical phase and takes longer than usual when you are to write term or research papers. Students need to plan carefully and choose a topic that they can defend in the rest of their paper. A good way is to brainstorm for fresh ideas and use them to write your paper after careful evaluation. In order to come up with interesting topics in biology, you can consider using following suggestions

  • The relationship between obesity and genetics, show why and how obesity is genetically transferred and how can we prevent it to save future generations
  • What is the effect of abortion and pre-mature deliveries on future pregnancies? Give real life examples to support your stance on this topic
  • Can being gay or lesbian come from gene or is it developed from the environment around us. Give concrete evidence to prove your ideas
  • What are phobias from a biological perspective and what are the reasons for a phobia in humans
  • How are viruses used as biological weapons and are there any past cases of this example
  • Is it safe for newborns and kids to take medicines specified for them when they can have safe alternatives to develop their immunity system
  • What causes autism and why is it increasing at a drastic rate
  • Is Darwin theory of evolution relevant to the evolving of humans since the first man on Earth? Explain your perspective of where did humans originate
  • What is the conflict between religion and science specifically biology
  • What is Nano technology and how can we use it to reduce disease and suffering from the world
  • How can advancements in technology help in genetic engineering and eradicating suffering from the world
  • Why can the scientist community cure cancer of all diseases

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