The Key Research Paper Elements – Writing Tutorial

What Is The Quality Of A Good Research Paper?

A good research paper is more than the summation of an inquiry of a particular topic. Most of the students have the misconception that only compiling some solid findings are enough to qualify a research paper but that’s not true. A reviewer will look for many other things in it- including the style of persuasion by the student.

Tips on Writing a Research Paper

  • When you will write a paper, you shall come across many facts, examples and data but only chosen ones must go straightaway to the final draft.
  • Make the thesis statement of the paper stronger. Clearly state your own view on the topic and what you are going to prove about it.
  • The supporting statements must answer the ‘why’ and ‘how’ aspects of your subject.

Key Elements of a Research Paper

There are many formats of paper but below is given the basic elements-

  • Introduction / Setting The Scene
  • The introduction part of your paper must be catchy and informative. Here, you need to generally set the scene by describing your topic; its significance, what you are going to prove with it. You can definitely show some interesting examples.

  • Literature Review
  • Here, you need to discuss the relevant theories that will support your topic of the paper. Apart from the theories, the organizing structure of them should be mentioned.

  • Hypothesis
  • The hypothesis would be your supposition about your subject topic that you are going to prove throughout the course of the paper. This portion must mention the changeable and the static variables that you think will be there as the results of the test. You can include the references of others in this section but stay away from exaggeration.

  • Methodology
  • This portion must include what methods you are going to employ to bring out your proposed hypothesis results. The methods can be of two types- qualitative methods that is the compilation of findings of other scholars; and quantitate methods - that will show data, figure, charts and tables.

  • Findings
  • Depending upon the nature of your topic, the inclusion of this portion is dependent. If you have included tables and figures in your paper, then they must be shown you’re properly with suitable headings.

  • Discussion
  • Development of your arguments, findings, analysis and evaluation are some of the key elements here.

  • Conclusion
  • The re-instatement of the whole paper in brief should be here. Don’t make any new points.

  • References
  • Whether your mentor prefers APA style or Harvard method, talk it out first. This is the alphabetical orderliness of sources.

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