How To Write A Good Research Paper Outline In The Turabian Style

Research papers are one difficult assignment to write owing to the amount of search involved, the planning, and organization of chapters, the critical thinking part to analyze and include data and most importantly following the right format for your paper. Some teachers like the students to follow a standard format from globally accepted standards while others may want you to follow a custom formatting guideline they give you in the class. It is important to stay on the same note as your teacher if you want to create an impressive assignment.

An outline acts as a backbone of your assignment because you create a road map for the entire paper and arrange all the important points and data in a way that will reduce your efforts and save your time. When you format your outline in the Turabian style, it will help the teacher or the reader to identify the overall contents of the paper and the details of each section.

Here is everything you need to know about the Turabian style so that you can write your outline easily

  1. The turabian style is the citation style closely related to Chicago style if you are a student. You would usually use footnotes or end notes in this paper. The purpose of all the citation styles is same I.e. they all focus on making it easy for the reader to authenticate the sources you have used in your paper. The turabian style is easier and less obstructive than others are because it provides a comprehensive outline. This type of citation will be used when the source is important

  2. In an outline for a turabian style, you need to give a heading that contains main identifying information and important one

  3. The thesis statement will be on the top of your paper after the title. You will include your complete thesis statement that you developed earlier

  4. List your major points that support your thesis and use Roman numbers to represent them like I, II, III

  5. Use alphabets to represent the supporting evidence for each like A, B, C

  6. The first topic sentence is based on your first group of notes

  7. Then you include the supporting ideas for each major point. The first supporting idea will have an alphabetical representation and then it will show the textual evidence in numbers.

  8. You will use textual support to back up your claims and this support should be paraphrased or directly quoted to avoid plagiarism

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