10 Simple Tricks For Students- Writing A Brilliant Research Paper

When you are asked to write a research paper, the main point is to research a topic and then present to your audience some specific information on a conclusion that you drew from your research. The best way to make sure that you write a brilliant paper is to follow these ten simple tricks.

  1. Create a good topic
  2. The first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you create a good topic for your paper. It should be interesting so that it keeps your attention, relevant so that it serves its purpose, and one that you know a little bit or a lot about.

  3. Write an outline
  4. An outline will help identify the main points that you want to make and organize them so that they make the most sense. You should write in complete sentences and work towards including transitions. You can just expand on it when you are ready to do your draft and will have some of it already written for you.

  5. Create a thesis
  6. Your thesis is the main point of the paper. If you could summarize the entire paper in one sentence, this would be the thesis statement.

  7. Organize notes
  8. Use your outline to organize your notes. You should write them on index cards so you can put all of the notes in different piles so that you don’t discuss something in the wrong paragraph.

  9. Complete source information and in-text citations
  10. When you are conducting your research, put all of the information in the correct format so that you don’t have to worry about doing it later. It will save you time and ensure that you don’t make mistakes.

  11. Use transitional phrases
  12. You need to include transitional phrases to link one topic to the next. It is the best way to make sure that your paper flows nicely.

  13. Create valuable topic sentences
  14. You would want to use the ideas in the outline to create the topic sentences which will begin the paragraphs.

  15. Write a rough draft
  16. You will just need to add a few sentences to each paragraph now to finish explaining the points that you made and add some in-text quotes as well.

  17. Proofread and Edit
  18. Read through your paper and correct any mistakes. You should read through it several times to make sure that you have fixed them all.

  19. Set up paper and reference list
  20. Set your paper up in the right format. Add your title page and reference list and you are done.

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