The Best Persuasive Research Paper Topics You Can Handle

Persuasive research papers show students’ ability to express their point of view about issues in the world and general topics for the surrounding. Even though this might sound as an easy task, students show poor performance on such papers. It is because they select inappropriate topic for this kind of paper. Students should remember two things when they select a persuasive research paper topic:

  • Relevance – it should be relevant for the time you are writing it.
  • Interesting – it has to be interesting to you, so that you won’ get bored while you are working on that.

Here are some relevant and interesting topics for you to choose from:

  • Can all people become vegetarians?
  • Marijuana legalization: Pro or against?
  • Does technology make us lazy?
  • Is English language that difficult to learn?
  • Why some companies do not allow using social media by employees?
  • Should doctors use more placebo than antibiotics?
  • Can you get to a man’s heart through his stomach?
  • Should Wikipedia enroll students and give diplomas?
  • Should kids that are hyperactive be taken to the doctor for a treatment?
  • Does the Bermuda triangle really exist?
  • Why parents lie about Santa Claus?
  • Is the food we eat killing or feeding us?
  • Which families are good for raising children? Small or big?
  • Globalization: Positive or negative?
  • Legalization of teenage marriages. Yes or no?
  • Should students wear school uniform?
  • Do you think school starts early?
  • Should child vaccinations be mandatory?
  • Should we lower the limited voting age to 15?
  • Should we rise the driving age?
  • Should women be allowed to work men’s jobs?
  • Should sport teams be mixed with girls and boys?
  • Does the immigration law need reformations?
  • Do you think downloading music and movies should be legalized?
  • Should boys and girls go in separate schools and classes?
  • What age is good for a child to start playing computer games?
  • Should bankers be allowed to wear what they want instead of the dress code?
  • Are security cameras invading our privacy?
  • Should universities lower their fees?
  • Can women work on a construction?
  • Do you think every city should have bike sharing service?
  • Should American families have more than 3 children?
  • Do you think graffiti artists should be punished?
  • Do you think private schools should give scholarships to the best students every year?
  • Should the process for fostering parents be easier?
  • Do you think commercials should be banned to interrupt a show, the news, a movie, etc. on the TV?

Whatever you choose to write for, make sure you gather as much information as possible!

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